Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters

In 2002 we were chatting to Roy Case who, at the time, was in charge of boys’ golf at the English Golf Union (he later became President). He told us about a very promising youngster who was in danger of falling by the wayside due to lack of funds.

It was at this time that we formed the Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters Charitable Trust, with the objective of using any funds left over from staging the tournament to award bursaries to boys who fell into the category mentioned above.

The English Golf Union identified worthy recipients for a bursary. We, of course, didn’t know the background and potential of the players as we only met them once a year.

Income from the tournament, together with donations, enables the Trust to award bursaries to deserving boys and girls.

In 2015 the bursaries will be announced, publicly for the first time, during the tournament prize-giving.

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